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October 13, 2014

I went to Ward for grades 3-8. I remember HATING the rules. No talking in class, raising hands to ask to get up out of seat, strict dress code with consequences, boatload of homework, working to the bell, decent behavior at all times, critical thinking for every assignment(which can be tiring). However, I soon learned that this is ESSENTIAL to becoming a successful student. The kids at Connoly and any other middle school don't get the same education that Ward provides(for free?!?! this is private school material). This was all very apparent to me when I entered high school as a freshman and observed the lack of drive for school work from the students that didn't attend Ward. Im now a freshman at ASU and the skills that Ward taught me will follow me for the rest of my life!! I highly recommend this school.

May 6, 2014

Students are extremely brilliant, and really try to succeed. The behavior of students is exemplary. There are many excellent teachers, who really care about the students and try to help them succeed. But there are other teachers who don't really care about them. The uniforms themselves are nice, but the dress code is too extreme. There are many restrictions that seem ridiculous, such as regulation of shoelace color. How will my red shoelaces distract the learning of others? Or do they regulate small things like this to take away our individuality? There has been a bit of a debacle on the wearing of leggings on no uniform days. Girls that come to school wearing leggings will be forced to change into uniform pants. This is appalling. Why are they forced to change? So boys don't stare at them or get distracted? girls shouldn't be punished for this. We should be teaching boys to respect girls. Making girls change teaches boys that it's the girls fault. Also, the discipline system is too harsh. We are taught negative reinforcement, versus positive. hardly ever will you hear a teacher praise us. The people are great, and some teachers are outstanding, but the rules are too harsh.

January 22, 2014

I love this school! I started attending WTA the beginning of the school year and I have nothing but good reviews for the school. I was worried about making friends, but when I got there, everyone was so inviting! I made friends so quickly. It has little to no cliques, and everyone is so friendly. The teachers are great, if you are having trouble in class, almost every teacher has tutoring in either the morning or afternoons.

November 11, 2013

I completely disagree with the last review. Teacher, students and parents all work as a team to achieve the best for the child. Ward provides before and after school tutoring for any student that needs or wants help at the middle school level. The teachers are dedicated to helping the child understand concepts and not just push them through to high school. Every school is concerned about test scores, but at Ward, there are many solutions to help kids improve their scores year after year. This year every parent was invited to attend parent/teacher conferences and many, many showed up. Communication is a two way street and the teachers at Ward are willing to go the extra mile to be sure parents are aware of what is happening at the school. Ward is an amazing, family, community involved school. P.S. The Spanish and math teacher mentioned in another review are no longer there. The new teachers are amazing!

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November 3, 2012

I am a former teacher in this school and one thing that greatly disappoints me is how we fail so many students. Ward is good for students that are high functioning and need no extra support. If your son or daughter has an area they need help in, Ward will push you to go to another school rather than help your child.This helps Ward keep Wards test scores up and poor students out. It is very challenging to build a partnership with parents when teachers are kept off limits. Parents are not allowed to go past the gate and talk to the teacher without making an appointment. I feel that parents and teachers are a team. They should support each other in the education of the child, this is not the case at Ward. When going to visit ask them how many students leave because they are pushed to do so.

Submitted by a teacher

June 19, 2012

Ward is an amazing school! I have been going there for 7 years now. I started at Ward in kindergarten, the first year the school opened. I loved all my teachers, however, all of my teachers except my kindergarten teacher have left the school. I think the 2 principals that Ward has had, have been great. I hope the new one is too. The idea of expanding the school was horrible. I like the how you get to spend 3 years with the same people, you really get to know them. I feel the teachers teach you what they have to teach you and more. Many teachers make it fun too. But one favors her students and hives them nicknames. Other students get really annoyed. All she can do is talk to her favorites and no one else. Other than that the teachers are spectacular and really help you if you have been absent for a long time. The school is fenomenal! I hope they do something for the first graduating class who has been there for the whole 9 years. I look forward to my next and last 2 years at the school.

June 19, 2012

I have mixed feelings about this school. I was very excited to get my child in at first. I liked the uniform policy and the parents involvement. As the time has passed I've come to dislike some of the teaching styles of certain individuals. The Spanish teacher teaches Spanish in the castilian dialect... where she is from. Which is fine if you are teaching in the country where you once lived. It is confusing for the children when they are sent out into the real world where Spanish is spoken with the hispanic dialect from Mexico which is different. I find it absolutely unsatisfactory that the last principal allowed this to happen. I very much hope this gets fixed. Another complaint is that she would hold personal conversations with students that had nothing to do with school while the rest of the class had to sit around and wait for her to finish. I won't even get started with the math teacher. Other than those two blips I've been satisfied. There is room for improvement. I have high expectations for this upcoming year. I'm hoping that with new leadership we will see the heights the school can attain. There is a lot promise and potential.

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April 30, 2012

I was very disappointed with this school . When my son was taken into a meeting with his teachers I heard nothing possitive, they all came down on him and expected him to keep up with 2nd year spanish when this was his first year at this school They would not let him into 1st year spanish because this would mess up there schedule I received much more support at ChildrenFirst Academy in Tempe by his Then principal Jerry Lewis who is now a Senator in AZ ,thank God for teachers that care and try to help all students. Also,for aprincipal who was willing to listen and not just allow the teachers to let him fail so he could be kicked out. Since then my son is still on honor roll at his present school.

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December 14, 2011

I'm a student at Ward and I think that science teacher is the best teacher I have ever had. The social studies teacher plays angry birds on her ipad all day. Math and Englsih teachers are ok. The art teacher only lets you do art her way. I'm excited to leave Ward becasue you can not be an individual there. Who really cares what color your shoes and socks are? Girls can only where certain headbands.

December 14, 2011

My son has ADHD and was struggling at a large school. Ward offers small classrooms and an urgency to assure students are excelling. Ward provides structure, empathsis on the student, excelling in academics, and insuring all kids are on track. My son has thrive at Ward and his self confidence is outstanding. Staff take a genuine interest and ownership of working together with parents for one common goal and that is the child. Wards structure on academics with homework and advancement has prepared many 8th graders to excel in high school. I'd rather have my son workhard and learn the fundamentals of studying than have him coast through shool without learning a thing or not prepared for high school or college. Let's face it, excelling kids get admitted to college not mediocre students. For parents that complain about Ward, it's not Ward but possibly how can you as a parent be more involved in your childs education. Don't leave your kid to chance but be proactive and work collaboratively with the teachers. Parent involvement is an expectation. I love the school and my son does too, that's all that matters. His happiness and quality education!

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December 5, 2011

Our two children are thriving here. They receive individualized attention and needs-based academic help when necessary, and are constantly challenged to exceed. Their teachers have been competent and caring, and most importantly, our kids are happy. We have had a great first year and are so far pleased and optimistic about our kids' future here.

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November 22, 2011

My son graduated last year after 5 years at Ward. The school was a good environment for him - small (just 2 classes per grade) and more of an elementary school feel than the large junior highs. The academic standards were high with some enrichment for the gifted kids. He had opportunity to excel in school and also be involved in other activities such as sports, music, after school and student government. The teachers and staff all know the kids and the school felt like a safe place for all the kids. There was a lot of homework, and the academic pace was pretty fast - but if your kid will do well in a structured environment, this is the school for you. Because the school is small, there are no electives or class choices, but still plenty of activities to keep the kids busy and challenged. The school uniforms are a plus too!

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November 21, 2011

This school was supposed to be a better education for my daughter, but all it has been is a disappointment! It is so fast paced that students don't have the chance to enjoy anything they're learning. And if you've got an energetic child who might need some redirection or a child who needs to be challenged, forget about going to this school! My daughter has been bored and therefore gets herself in trouble, but the teacher has not once asked for a meeting with me to discuss these issues. The principal's answer to everything is "well, she needs to be responsible for herself". Parent's are NOT allowed on campus behind the gates, unless you're volunteering, but to walk your child onto campus, or pick them up, you must wait behind the gate. You can't show up to peek into the classroom and see how your child is doing. You can't stop by to have lunch with your child. Parents aren't welcome, unless you're serving a need for the school. We are going to be switching schools and I would NEVER recommend this school to anyone I cared about!

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May 4, 2010

Academics are highly valued. The staff is wonderful.

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November 6, 2009

Ward Traditional is an excelling school that focuses on the student. Parents are supportive and the staff and teachers are dedicated and caring. The traditional values of learning are emphasized and the wearing of uniforms certainly enforces the focus on learning!

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